The S.I.C.K Programme is a 5 day programme for young adults between the ages of 19 and 25.  The objective is for them to be trained by experienced Professionals, Coaches and Facilitators. These facilitators vary in their work and share the benefit of their life and professional experience with a group of young people - imparting knowledge which will help them to become more resourceful as S.I.C.K Leaders in the classroom and life. 

Some Snippets from our S.I.C.K. Programme 
Sick Programme Testimonials - September 2018

Delroy Murray

Music Producer

"The session held by Delroy Murray came at the perfect time for me as an artist in the music industry. We took turns to share our personal journeys and talk on our future aspirations. He helped resurface the  fact that we all share the same struggles and success but we just see them through different eyes. After we unloaded our fears and dreams, Delroy shared his talent with us by playing guitar while we jammed alongside" Chantel


"Got us to express ourselves and talk about our journey. Good conversations and good to understand and hear other peoples. Learning how to deconstruct the complexities and bring them to light for people" Lemzi

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