LEMZI  “Secondary education”


As an independent artist I have created a pathway for music with substance in the UK urban scene, propagating notions of unity, social prosperity and galvanising people through his music.   Creating music and performing across the country has been my forte in recent years, including venues such as the Infamous Jazz Cafe, Richmix and the V & A Museum and releasing critically acclaimed projects. I am developing a style that has been deemed innovative and exciting by music fans of Jazz, Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop and more, and have created music with the capacity to cross a plethora of boundaries.


In 2016 I volunteered for a ReachOut Mentoring scheme where I worked in a secondary school in Hackney weekly to help some of the young men with their homework and also provide insight and information for the young people. In late 2016, I held my first independent workshop for a small group of 18-21 year olds at the William Morris Gallery in Walthamstow, a lyric writing based workshop that lasted 3 hours. Feedback included : "really enjoyable" & "Lemzi seemed to know a lot about styles of writing and really helped us". 


I also worked closely with Beetroots Creative to curate a number of other sessions within the borough of Waltham Forest (where I am based) such as in the Epicentre, Leytonstone and Priory Court with a vast range of young people aged between 12 - 19 across sessions. These sessions focused on the various styles of rap music that have come into fruition over time, hip-hop, grime, rap etc. 


I am Essex Music Services’ first Rap tutor and following my induction I have received a number of prestigious responses and have been interviewed on BBC Essex Radio.  I have also been working with Waltham Forest Music Service becoming their first Rap Tutor with an ambition to diversify and modernise the threshold the youth of Waltham Forest can learn about.


Chantel Pumpini (TELLS)  “Primary education”


“My pathway into youth arts and education began over eight years ago, with my first placement being in a nursery (St Paulinus, Crayford). This experience allowed me to develop an understanding of my working style and find the balance between freedom and creativity alongside the necessity of always providing a safe space for the children in my care. Working in Early Years settings also instilled in me the principle: 'learning through play', a motto I chose to work by as I have first hand knowledge of how vital this can be to a child's development. This opportunity then gave me the confidence to organise various holiday programs for the youth in my local community halls and libraries. Due to a lack of accessible extra-curricular activities based in the performing arts; it became my personal mission to facilitate workshops in drama, music (voice) and dance for children in my community. Although these groups had many successes such as forming a choir and presenting many open-air plays, it could not be sustained due to insufficient funds. My focus turned to academia, studying Psychology introduced me to the theoretical side of child development, social skills and the basis behind maintaining the emotional and mental well-being of people. I have been given the opportunity to put this wealth of knowledge into practice through my years of working in tuition centers, after school programs and private clubs (for example, Tarich Tuition Centre, Erith; Parch Hill, Croydon or Purple Dragon, Chelsea). I have a passion for helping young people use their innate potential and aim for their dreams, whether that be in their maths homework or performing as the lead in the school play. Working as a mentor has been fulfilling and gratifying, yet there is still the burning desire to transform more hearts and deliver my workshops to as many young people as possible. It is common knowledge that children are our future, therefore I am more than willing to invest my time and talent into them.”


KAMAHL SAMI MILLER “secondary education”


“As a BA Hons Drama and English graduate providing interactive writing sessions for "Sick Sessions", I provide young students with an insight into creative writing. The history behind my writing journey includes my families historical connection with writing (my cousin Playwright Winsome Pinnock) and story telling. My sessions will infuse the space with culture 'Caribbean folk tales' by Dr Louise Bennett who was a writer and actress from Jamaica. I will show the students how to make writing simple, as well as highlighting storytelling through poetry and spoken word/performance and how you can make a living out of it. This will all be interactive, educational and inspirational for them. Finally they will have the chance to ask me any questions they have about my acting work, what I have done thus far, and anything else the young people deem necessary.”


JAMAL KHAN “secondary education”


“Multi award-winning Jamal Khan continues to prove that we are not defined by what has happened to us. We are defined by how we handle what has happened to us. After serving a five year prison sentence and finding his therapeutic power in the form of writing, Jamal’s determination has taken him back into prisons to deliver therapeutic writing workshops. He has performed his poetry at some of the most prestigious venues in the country such as the Houses Of Parliament, The Shard & Bloomberg’s European HQ. After winning the Waterstones Emerging Young Writer Award last year, he then went on to have his work featured at the National Poetry Library. When Jamal began writing, he began his process of healing. And he continues to use his lived experiences to implement and advocate for change. To prove that a scar is not the end of a story. A scar is a story to tell.”


JEROME HARVEY-AGYEI “secondary education”


“Jerome brings personal empowerment to young people as "Sick Sessions" for secondary schools. He works with young people who have been affected through violence in a way which transforms the thinking of young people through workshops. Jerome is a passionate and driven young man who has grown up in the care system from the age of 4. Although he has been through many struggles - like many - he uses these experiences to reach out to the most disengaged and help to empower them to fulfil their fullest potential (pain to positivity).


He has run for local councillor to inspire young people to become leaders and came 3rd, As well as spoken at various events, schools and companies at all levels to help spread the message of peace, Love and growth and is passionate about people, a phrase he most commonly uses is “It’s not about ME! It’s about US!” 


Jerome has also been featured on a variety of Platforms in regards to some of the work he has done. some of the platforms are;  BBC three, BBC news, ITV London, Channel 4, Channel 4 news, Barnardo’s magazine, Waltham forest guardian, the national guardian, community care live, frontline campaign, Free your mind CIC campaigns and many more upcoming campaigns.


He has been nominated for a number of awards such as ; Waltham forest council leaders awards, I make a difference, black youth achievements award and more recently BEFFTA (British, Entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts) and won Youth leadership award.”


LEAH COUTTS “primary and secondary education”


“Leah is a young entrepreneur who has a passion for people and wants to shift something in the world. Having a passion for sports, Leah has always connected with people through sport however coming out of her comfort zone she has dug deep and thought hard about how she could have a bigger impact in society.

Having a rough start to life and being quite angry and upset through her younger years, Leah has overcome many obstacle to become the person she is today.

Now running 2 of her own businesses, Leah believes she has a purpose which is to be in support to anyone who needs her skills.

FLY- First Love Yourself is personal training, nutrition, sports therapy and life coaching business. Through this business, Leah has been able to help guide people to change their lives significantly - whether it be mentally, physically or emotionally. 

TP4YOUTH - A youth project dedicated in creating a variety of opportunities for Young people whether it be educational, work, sports related, mentally and other support systems.

Being able to help and support people is a big part of Leah's work and she constantly is learning and eager to learn more to help others.”