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The notion of “Community” is especially important in our world today, particularly with our youth who feel increasingly disenfranchised and neglected. 


As services are being taken away from local boroughs, and schools are put under increased pressure to achieve better results within tight timeframes, there is a huge opportunity for more activities to foster connection with our youth and enable them to dictate their futures. 


More youth feel the need to reconnect with something bigger than their cognitive intellect and Sick sessions have been created to address this. They are about putting authentic social interaction at the heart of youth development in a way that is suited to the group being facilitated. 

Sick (Social Initiatives to Change the Kulture) sessions (5-18 years old) and programmes (19-26 years old)  are discovery spaces where youths can evolve and thrive and be “in”powered and inspired by our “Wake up” artists/facilitators. The sessions help the group to tap into creativity and ideas through the mediums of music, writing, verbal expression and dance so that they can reconnect with themselves and each other, and become “wake up” artists in their own lives.  The Programmes are where young adults are taught by an experienced group of professionals, so that they can take this learning into the class room as session leaders.  

This is a new way of learning which promotes self expression in a way which empowers real authentic conversations, creativity and clarity. 

The solutions to a communities’ problems are found within the same community. They just need time and a safe space to come up with an answer - and to have a voice. This is where creativity is key” 

Mahnaz Bhatti (Co-Founder)

Our Initial Session with some of our S.I.C.K leaders 
with thanks to Waltham Forest College
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