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Liliana Paduraru

Ilfov (Chitila), Romania  

"I started facilitating The Discovery Spaces in Romania at the beginning of this year. I was honored that Mahnaz offered me this chance to hold these community dialogues in my local area. The experience was amazing as I have learned a lot about the power of the community and how an open dialogue can create a sense of togetherness, inspiration, and motivation in every participant.

It is really an enriching experience holding space for people to speak authentically about their challenges and needs,  meanwhile encouraging and practicing open communication. My main takeaway from DS is that people need to be seen and heard and these dialogues are about being human, about learning to enjoy all the life experiences,  from a place of acceptance and inner wisdom."


Shazia Nizam

Crawley (Sussex)

"I have been enjoying experimenting with DS.

It has been a mixed bag of attendance and interest.  Since Covid it's been difficult to get attendance as private space is hard for a lot of women and confidentiality and privacy is a key factor.  I am starting up again in February and I am excited to see what comes."


Ghazalla Hussain

Harrow - Evolve Initiative 

"This first year of Discovery Space has been an absolute adventure for me! Holding this space for young adults has been inspirational. Listening to the conversations and discussions take place has blown me away. The eloquence and confidence these young people have displayed by articulating their thoughts and ideas. Throughout the year I have seen the group grow with some regulars and always new faces coming to each of the sessions. I feel privileged to be a part of this initiative and am hoping that these spaces will have a lasting positive impact on these young adults to work towards a more tolerant, connected and caring society"


Stephanie Davis

Walthamstow - Life After Cancer

"Collaborating with the Discovery Space has allowed us to support individuals in Walthamstow who have had cancer. We’ve laughed, cried, created a strong, supportive group, discussed everything under the sun & made heaps of cancer buddies.  The group led us to create a coaching programme (funded by big lottery fund) & off the back of that, an exercise group. 

100% of participants felt supported in the group and would recommend it to others. 86% felt the group had a positive impact on their wellbeing. 72% said they felt less isolated. 

Feedback includes “I can’t stress how much the group and the people in it have lifted me and given me so much. Without the group I fear where my head and emotions was going”

The individuals who attend create the space, I hope we can continue to support to the same standard during 2019" 


Mahnaz Bhatti

Chingford - NoorWorks

"The Discovery Space sessions which I have run have resulted with a wealth of knowledge  being shared in many ways.  From hearing deeply personal stories, to ideas, like minded people coming together, collaborations and projects being created. There are many community meetings which are set up by many people but what makes these sessions  unique is that there is no agenda. The hosts are trained to allow whatever comes to come holding a safe space and listening intently to the conversations which take place.   

It has been a real privilege to hold these sessions with members of our community.  When there is no need for an outcome, there really is a space for new thinking and ideas to come into our awareness. "

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