Discovery Space


Of an Idea





I’ve recently immersed myself into another way of being. Well, it’s not new, it’s something I know I dip in and out of. It’s what I would describe as a place of peace and joy. A place where I have no “old thinking”. And I have been experiencing “new thinking” as a result, which is a compete revelation. Creativity if you will.

How did this happen? I can only explain the journey so far, so here it is.

I had a conversation with a very interesting man at the start of 2017, which was instigated by our mutual friend, Dott. He is an Englishman, Julian, who lives in a Mill on the outskirts of Antwerp. In our conversation, he planted a seed. And I could listen to this man for hours, by the way. He lives life in the way in which he spoke and doesn’t even own a watch. He very clearly reminded me that humans, and everything around us for that matter, are not linear. We are complex and attempting to put our lives into a linear space is constricting and restrictive. And the only way we know this is true is via a litmus test we call ‘feelings’. Which are our bodies’ way of flagging something up and saying LISTEN! Typically a result of our thinking. And thought has it's place too. How else would we organise and administer? 

So I thought: ‘Let me be completely and utterly curious and see what comes. With no expectations and no judgement and no plan.’ So there I was – wholly present and living in the moment. I then had a moment of real fear, anger and despair when seeing pictures of 5 year olds handcuffed at border control across some airports in the US on social media. And as I sat very much in these feelings on the underground, a busker strummed “That’s not the shape of my heart” by Sting, and I cried, and it was fine. It felt like the right thing to do and I let it happen.

The next morning I thought - who do people vote for and why? So I had an idea. An idea which I shared with a fellow coach (thank you, Nat!) and some friends and parents at my daughters school. Who votes? People. A cluster of People = A community. When communities connect and are creative, something wonderful happens and I want that for every community across the planet. So, I decided to hold a space for people who wanted to connect and share their worlds.

The idea of “The Discovery Space” was born.


For professional coaches to hold a space for 2-12 people to come together to allow whatever comes to come. 2 hours once a month in person or 1 hour online. And it's free. We use community spaces which are also free of charge and look to support community discovery.


Each location has up 1-3 coaches who facilitate the group coaching space and organise for it to happen.  Blank pieces of paper and felt tips are handed out and these then become the meeting minutes.   Every one takes whatever is of value for them. 


We have no agenda
We work with the wisdom of the group (the collective intelligence)

We use the resources we all have.
We allow what comes, to come, and go with what feels right
We have authentic conversations
We all support each other, listen, learn and sponsor
We don’t know where we will meet on a monthly basis 
We don’t know who will be in the group from one month to the next    
New ideas and projects/work/etc can spin off from the group  
We hold the space for each other.
and, and, and….
We presuppose nothing. We exist from a creative, open space and see what comes in the moment


Mahnaz Bhatti